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What's Important

Updated: Feb 4

I've spent a lot of time over the past month trying to figure out what is really important to me. I find that everyday I wake up with similar goals but end up never accomplishing any of them. Most days all I want to do is:

1) Make a nice breakfast with the girls

2) Knock out some work

3) Play my guitar

4) Make a nice lunch with the girls

5) Work a little more

6) Watch some educational videos/play guitar/study something I care about

7) Prep a nice dinner and do something fun with the girls

This is what I shoot for most days but I can't remember the last time it happened. I bring my guitar with us wherever we go (not easy when everything needs to fit in the Tesla). I only broke it out once during our month in Vermont. We've cooked a couple meals but rarely put a lot of prep work into it or even do it together as a familiar. I'm finding that I let work dominate my time every day. Even the weekends are spent worrying about what has to be done Monday.

This is the problem I am really trying to solve. What's really important in my life and how can I prioritize it. By default, work wins. A lot of us are so scared to be without work that we let it completely consume us. I am actively trying to schedule more time for the things that matter. More time for fun and for hobbies. More time cooking and playing games with the girls.

I'm hoping to report back soon that I was successful.

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