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What a Night!

Updated: Feb 4

Zach’s been flying again for a few weeks. He is very meticulous about doing everything right, and we’ve flown together a little bit. This trip is very different though. We are going to take Ian up in the plane. I’m hoping he loves it!

We are packing up a little picnic and heading out from the Waukesha airport to the Poplar Grove airport. Poplar Grove is a very familiar airport for Zach, he flew in and out of there quite often both as a kid and when he was flying in college.

Ian and I are pretty excited to see the area near Poplar Grove, as they have an entire living community on the grounds. It’d be pretty cool to live right at the airport!

Ian is pretty excited when we get to the airport in Waukesha. Being able to walk out to our plane has him really looking forward to what this is going to be like. We get out to the tarmac and he can’t wait to take a photo with the plane he is going to fly in.

After all of our checks and clearances, we are ready to fly down to Illinois. Ian is so jazzed up in the backseat.

The flight is pretty, as you’d expect. The sun is getting lower in the sky and we are able to get some great photos from the air.

When we get to Poplar Grove, we find a great place to sit in the grass and have our little picnic. Flying and snacks… this may be the best day ever in Ian’s book!

After we are done eating, we walk around a little with Ian, showing him some of the cool older planes that are in the open hangars. Zach is pretty excited to see a Piper Cub there. It’s pretty great to see how manual flying used to be compared to what it is like in the newer planes available now.

It’s time to head back home, and we are excited to get some great night shots coming back into the city. Getting photos of the city lights is one of my favorite things. You can’t get photos like this in a commercial airliner, it’s great to have such a clear view of what’s beneath us. As expected, Ian fell asleep on the flight home, so hopefully he will enjoy it through the photos we’ve taken.

Overall, the flight was a success. It was nice to be able to take Ian up, and even better that he liked it and is super excited for more flights. It was a great night, and we can’t wait to do it again!

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