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We're Making This Our Year

Updated: Feb 4

Nine months. That’s how long we’ve lived in the fifth wheel. Of those nine, eight were stationary in our hometown. This year, we are going to make a solid effort to make up for lost time!

Planning a trip when pulling a large RV is not always easy. When road tripping in a car, it's pretty easy to just pack up, hop in the car, and hit the road. There's so much more to consider in an RV; are there low bridges along the route, how frequently do we need to plan a fill up at a truck stop, how long can we be on the road each day, and if the distance between destinations is too great to drive in one day, can we find a reasonable overnight stop to layover and break up the drive?

Managing all of the details can be a bit overwhelming, but there's a great amount of satisfaction to be had when all the pieces fall into place. This is our first year spending a large part of it on the road, but we learned a lot on our cross country road trip last year, so this time, I think I've got all of our ducks in a row. There are a couple of websites and applications that make putting together a trip like this much easier. If you'd like to check out any of them, I'd highly recommend it. My favorites are rvtripwizard.com, gas buddy, iexit, and of course Google maps.

To cover all of the places in our plan this year will span roughly 9500 miles. The idea to cover all of that ground started with a plan to simply take the kids somewhere down South for spring break. We know that we will land in Colorado toward the end of the year, as that will be home base for us from that point on. We really liked the idea of getting back out to California, and we regularly talk about wanting to visit Washington and Oregon, but we decided it would be best to cover as much ground as we could on the East coast, since we will land further West by late fall.

We plan to visit home frequently, since our families are still in the Milwaukee area. In addition to those smaller trips, we plan to stop back in our home state for about two weeks in late July. We decided that would be a great way to break the trip in half, so that it didn't become too overwhelming. We know how quickly a plan on the road can be changed, so this gives us the opportunity for a reset if needed. Our first leg of travel will take us from mid March through the end of July. As you can see, we’ve got some great stops, and a lot of ground to cover in that time.

This part of the journey includes lots of pools and beaches, historical sites, museums, and some of our must see places within the United States. The states we will visit in this trip include: Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and New York. We have been sure to include some National Parks, some "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives" stops, as well as other great food and drink establishments, beautiful places to enjoy nature, and everything in between.

We hope you all look forward to following us on this journey, as much as we look forward to sharing it with you. We can’t wait to take the kids to some great places they haven’t been and to give them some experiences they never thought they’d be a part of.

We’d love your feedback! if there’s anything specific you’d like to read about or see, please let us know. We’re in each location for a decent amount of time, and would love to be of help to anyone out there who might be traveling to any of these locations, or just want to hear about our experiences there!

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