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Back On The Road!

Updated: Jan 26

Can you believe we’re still here? To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure we would be. What a year this has been so far. We were going to have weekly blog posts up, bi-weekly videos on our Youtube channel, and more photos than we even knew what to do with. It’s been an adventure and a learning experience, just not the way we thought it would be. Right now we should be exploring Washington D.C. I can’t say for certain if it was myself or Ian more excited to see it. Instead, we are back in Wisconsin, spending a week in the Dells area and then headed to the Northwest border of the state to check out the area’s potential for spending a greater deal of time up there. 

One thing I’ve learned since we left Milwaukee in March is that I could DEFINITELY be a beach girl. I always thought of it as a great way to spend a vacation, but didn’t know that it could be life for me… Boy, was I wrong. It was great to have the breeze off the water, the warm air, and the sun nearly every day. Spending two months in Navarre Beach was a dream. It was also really great to have my parents down for a week. We went to collect shells, spent a lot of time outside, and had some great meals. Ian even tried King Crab legs, and LOVED them!

Our journey North after that time also reminded me not to judge a book by it’s cover. A week in Northern Alabama really hit that lesson home. The Smith Lake area was absolutely beautiful. We were sure it would simply be a place to stay for a few days to keep Piper from long day after long day in the car, but we were extremely wrong. We loved Hidden Cove RV Resort, it was a very pretty and relaxing setting, as you can tell!

Our next stop landed us in Santa Claus, Indiana. That was a bust! Ian and I were so excited to be in a town that was all focused on Christmas. From the shops in town, to the large mailbox outside the post office, even down to the RV park we stayed at. The highlight of  our stay there was riding around the resort on a golf cart. The kids thought that was just the bees knees. They did have some nice activities for Ian, but overall, they weren’t doing what we thought necessary for social distancing so we got out of there earlier than we expected. It’s difficult to constantly remind Ian that he should go out and play but not with a group of other kids outside, we’ve been preparing him to be more outgoing since we planned this trip, so this isn’t exactly what he expected either. We made another stop on our way to Milwaukee, and although it was short, we payed a visit to 450 North Brewery, in hopes of getting our hands on some of their Slushee beers, but we didn’t have luck with that. It was a nice visit, the area was very pretty, and the kids enjoyed sitting outside on their patio.

It was great to spend a couple of days in Milwaukee. We got a chance to see our families, and although things haven’t been stable enough yet to see our friends, we made the best of our time. 

We aren’t quite sure what the remainder of this year will bring, we’re at the mercy of what has become a pretty crazy time in our country. We are being very safe, keeping our distance, obeying curfew rules, and rarely leaving the RV, but hopefully we will start having some wonderful things to share.

As always, thank you for reading our posts. Not having much to share is heart breaking for us, so we really appreciate the love we get from those of you sticking it out with us. We really hope you all stick around to see what could be to come, we’d love to have posts that aren’t just a rattling off of some of the things we’ve done, but stories we can share about our experiences. Talk to you all soon!

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