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Travel Day! Nassau here we come!

Updated: Feb 4

Two waves of boxes have been shipped, bags are packed, COVID Tests are negative, and after weeks of planning we are ready to go!

Getting to the airport and onto our first flight (MKE-ORD) was no big deal. No bags to check and we had all the appropriate documentation. We were through security with 30 minutes to spare. Easy peasy. Chicago to Nassau wasn't quite as smooth, we hit a 2 hour delay due to Nassau receiving too many flights per hour..they needed to slow things down a little bit. No problem, we brought snacks and entertainment!

The flight itself hosted some lovely views when we got out over the water BUT we were unfortunate enough to sit next to 4 screaming and obnoxious children whose parents upgraded themselves to first class and couldn't give a crap what their kids were doing...so that made for an unpleasantly long flight.

Rental car pick up was uneventful but finding our Airbnb was a total mess. We arrived late to do the delay and APPARENTLY it's a national holiday, so no grocery stores were open. We stopped by Twisted Lime to grab some dinner before heading to the rental. At this point we still hadn't received the home address OR instructions for getting in. Ended up staying at Twisted Lime just to use their WiFi so that we could attempt to reach out to the home owner over and over again. Take it from me, get an international plan or at least get GPS...it's just plan ol' fashion worth it. Nothing is more stressful after traveling all day than not knowing how to get to your bed. This was also our first experience with Bahamians, they do not rush. If you are traveling from the US to almost anywhere you will learn the hard way that most other people do not expect or provide immediate responses to your every need.

We got to our place late and discovered it was much smaller than we'd hoped and in an area that isn't quite as safe as we would have liked. We'd forgotten that originally Alli and Ian weren't going to be coming with us and this first house was a 1 bed 1 bath, that wasn't going to work. We need to sleep off the travel of the day but I believe tomorrow we will look for a new place.

Overall, excited to be here and stressed about moving again.

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