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The Florida Keys; or not…

Updated: Feb 4

Sitting along the waterfront in the Florida Keys, relaxing with mom and dad while Piper runs around and plays. This is the life… Oh wait, not our current life. Not that the one we have is worse, just not what we had planned. 

With everything going on in the US right now with Covid-19, the 10,000 plus miles we had planned to travel around the States and Canada have been put to the wayside. We didn’t want to stay in Milwaukee where we were just in a concrete parking lot, so we knew we’d have to get to a place and stay there for a bit.

You’ve probably read about all of the issues we’ve had with the Solitude since we purchased it, and we were quite honestly very frustrated with Grand Design over the lack of any type of assistance getting it rectified. Well, we made a stop to their repair facility. We stayed overnight two nights at their campground, and it was well worth the stop. They repaired everything we could think of to tell them was wrong, and even noticed some pretty big things we either didn’t know about or didn’t think they’d be responsible to fix or replace. When we left that third morning, we had everything right as rain and were even heading out with new steps and two new tires that we didn’t know had been damaged. 

We decided to take the kids to Florida. Allison really wanted warm weather, and everything was closed at the resort in Louisiana, so we figured this would be a good alternative. We found a nice place in Jacksonville and stayed there for a week. It was nice, very hot weather, but as expected, the pool and all activities were closed. We made the best of it though. We got our patio all set up and bought Ian and Piper a little pool to keep cool in. Not spending all day in the pool even gave Ian the chance to master his scooter riding skills and he learned how to do a cartwheel. We were even fortunate enough to be outside and see a dolphin leaping through the water just a few feet out from the resort’s dock. Not sure if it was myself or the kids that were more excited! 

From Jacksonville, we decided to head up to Navarre, near Pensacola. This was the best decision we’d made in a while. We found a park that had an oceanside space available, so at least we’d have nice breezes and great views.

When we got here, things around the virus were continuing to get much worse, so we decided we’d stay until the end of April. The place is so wonderful. The beach is private to the park, and there are very few people here, so as long as we are all following distancing rules, the beach and pool have remained open. The kids loved playing volleyball in the sand, and Piper wants nothing but to be “side” (outside) all day every day. We’ve managed to get lots of sun, and in fact to date, we’ve only had rain one day, and even that was only for an hour or two.

The kids flew home on April 3, and although I was so nervous about them being on a plane, they basically had a private flight. There were a total of two passengers on the plane aside from them, and one was a pilot needing to get to the next destination, so they were safe and very far away from anyone else. 

Although we don’t have a lot of exciting content for you, we thought we’d get a post out letting everyone know we are enjoying each day, and we are all doing well. Hopefully things will start improving soon and we can start visiting more cool places and trying some great food places, but for now We are loving the sun, and have become very interested in owning a place down here. I never have been able to get enough of the sun, so having a vacation rental here that we can visit when we need some vitamin D sounds really great to me!

We hope you are all staying well, and as usual, thank you for reading our update!

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