• Stephanie Olson

The 70th Party

Updated: Feb 4

Ok, no this wasn't really a 70th birthday party, but a joint party for Zach and I for his 30th and my 40th. We didn't get many photos, because we were so busy having a great time, but what an awesome night.

We hosted the party at one of our favorite beer spots, Champps Brookfield. We were really impressed with the talent of Haley Klinkhammer when we saw her at one of the Sub-Urban concert series shows at our friend Jeremy's House. So impressed that we hired her to play our party.

Overall the night went off exactly as we'd hoped. Everyone had a great time, enjoyed some great food, music, and beer, and even left with my famous "loot bags". This is something none of my birthday parties as a kid were ever without, so why would my 40th be any different.

It was really great to get together with a diverse group of our families, new friends, old family friends, and friends I've known since school. What better way to spend a milestone birthday?!

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