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Updated: Feb 4

I was beginning to forget what life used to be like. We are still especially careful, since Piper goes everywhere that we go, but feeling a little more normalcy is something I’ve come to really appreciate.

Initially when Zach and I decided we’d enjoy having a blog, we were so excited. Not only because it meant we were seeing different places, some of them favorite spots we’ve visited before, and some new places. Our goal was to have a post up every week, and that just hasn’t been feasible, since not much has been going on. Hopefully as things become a little more accessible, and possible, we can begin sharing our experiences more regularly again.

For the last week we’ve been closer to home. We spent the first few days with my parents, which was great. It’s always nice to have time with family, especially when it’s been a while since we’ve been around. It’s also wonderful to be “home” even though home really is wherever we go. It’s just nice to be in familiar territory and to know what we can expect. It’s easy to take things for granted when you’ve been in one area your whole life. Going to the grocery store in different states has definitely opened my eyes to that. Getting good cheese and reasonably priced milk isn’t a possibility in some places. We were paying close to five dollars a gallon while we were in Florida! 

After we left Milwaukee, we decided to spend some time up in the Wisconsin Dells. Even though I grew up in Wisconsin, I don’t know that I’ve ever spent more than a day or two there. This was certainly a different visit than usual as well, as there were no waterpark visits, no walking the downtown Dells to go shopping, and not much in the way of crowds. It has been a very welcome reprieve though. Our campsite was great. We stayed at both Fox Hill RV park and Dell Pines. Fox Hill is very nice, but currently expanding. We were in the new area, which made it a little more desolate feeling, but we are looking forward to a return visit in a year or two when they’ve got their swimming pond finished, and some trees in the full hook-up section. While we were there, we were lucky enough to get a visit from Alli. We had some great weather, which meant we got to take the top and doors off the Jeep and enjoy it for what a Jeep should be!

Dell Pines was wonderful. It is what we’ve looked for at so many places, but can’t typically fit into. Lots of pine trees, and very quiet. We got an end site, so our space was nice and roomy. This was especially great because we had our second visitors. My friend Lori and her fiancé Jeroen come up in their camper for a couple of days. There is no time better spent, in my opinion, than sharing a great beer with friends, around a campfire. We also shared the Wollersheim Winery experience with them. Even I had forgotten just how beautiful it is there. We enjoyed some wine on the patio and a drink from the distillery. It was a nearly perfect afternoon. 

Our next stop is going to be the Minocqua area. We are headed there just for the weekend. Zach’s favorite place to eat is Bad Bones BBQ, so we try to get up there once or twice a year to enjoy their great ribs. 

The biggest celebration to be had is the fact that we’ve successfully moved and set up five times without any issues. This is unheard of for us! As much as we like to share our woes so that we may be able to help prepare others, it’s been great to have everything go off without a hitch. 

Thanks as usual for reading, and we will talk to you soon!

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