• Alli Dwyer

State Week!

Cheerleading has largely played an important role in my life, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to coach for the last 7 years, with last year being my first time coaching a varsity high school team. This year has been different than what I expected with all the changes and last minute planning due to Covid. This week however, all the hard work the girls put into the season has come down to this moment.. state week.

Monday we started the week with having a showcase with two other teams. We got to show off our routines, play games, and relax before our last week together. Wednesday we had a full practice and worked hard to get some last minute clean up in. Finally Thursday was our last practice, they only practiced for an hour before they had their tumbling and they pushed themselves to their max. Saturday came and we all got to the school bright and early and headed to our filming location. We opted to do an in-person competition at the beginning of the season but since covid is still a threat they did not allow any fans into the location. They girls were bummed by this but they were just excited to be able to compete. We were given twenty minutes on the mats this includes our warm up and running our routine. We had been practicing at the last few practices with a twenty minute warm up to allow them enough time to do the routine twice incase the first one was not the best. When our time started the girls stepped on the mat and went right to work, quickly they finished warm ups and were ready to fo their first run through. The set up and I hit play crossing my fingers that they would hit everything. As the music ended I realized they just hit a perfect routine, no falls, no touches, everything hit for the first time the whole season and even on the first try!

Since everything went so well the girls had a little time left before our time was over. We decided on playing log tag. They were all so happy to have hit their routine and had many tears of joy and sadness to be ending our season. We ended the afternoon by driving to Olive Garden for lunch and walking over to Kopps to get custard.

Now we have to wait, until next Saturday for them to actually announce what the placements are. Wish us luck!

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