• Stephanie Olson

See Turtles?

Ok, wait... I thought the title of this post was about turtles.... who is that handsome guy just chilling on a yacht?

This was a good day. It was nice and sunny and warm as we headed over to the marina to catch our charter to take us snorkeling with sea turtles. It was a windy week out on the water, so our original plan to snorkel with the turtles was cancelled, but we were able to find a charter last minute when things finally calmed down out at sea.

Until now, going whale watching had been the coolest thing I could remember doing, but this was really fantastic. There is no way to describe the beauty of the aqua waters, and just how clear they are.

Our captain took us into a cove, near a sandbar and gave us all of the equipment we'd need to do our snorkeling. Masks, snorkels, flippers, and to my surprise, pool noodles. With Piper on board, we would have to take turns, so Zach got in the water, and I took Ian in while Alli stayed out to keep Piper company. This was realization number 1 on the trip that we have to get Ian more comfortable in the water. We both held on to the noodle, and I paddled us toward the turtles, but unfortunately, he was a little too frightened to look into the water to see them. It wasn't long before we were paddling back to the boat to get him out of the water.

Alli got her gear on and hopped in. She and Zach had some pretty good luck as they swam toward the sandbar. There were a couple of turtles swimming and popping their heads up and down out of the water. Honestly, it was even cool to see from the boat. When Zach came back in so that I could swim out with Alli, a stingray swam right past as well. This made Ian's day. If you haven't seen Allison's vlog about the first part of the trip yet, check it out. There is a lot of great GoPro footage with the turtles and of the stingray. Photos just can't illustrate enough how amazing it is to just be swimming among these awesome creatures. Next on the bucket list... Seeing sea turtles hatch and flee to the water!

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