• Stephanie Olson

Rasta Pasta

Updated: Feb 4

Colorado Springs, Co

One Pasta. One Love. This place was wonderful! Having returned from Jamaica just two months ago, we were surprised to agree that walking in here almost felt more Jamaican! The decor was all red, yellow, and green, from the murals on the walls to the light fixtures, and even the high chairs. The server was very friendly and on top of her game, especially considering she was both serving and bartending.

I didn't know that mixing Jamaican food and pasta would be a thing, but the combinations were delightful! I ordered the chicken montego bay which was penne pasta, chicken, zucchini, squash, and alfredo sauce... The best touch? There were also pineapple chunks in it. Sounded different to me, and it was, differently wonderful. The lunch portions were still large enough that after sharing with Piper, I still had enough left to take home for tomorrow's lunch. Zach ordered the seafood alfredo which paired perfectly with the piece of garlic bread that came with it. We had a couple of the Jamaican rum drinks, and they were not only refreshing, but also delicious.

This restaurant is another 5 star establishment in my book. Between the decor, the reasonable prices, and the tasty food, I'd definitely direct visitors of Colorado Springs to give it a try!

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