• Stephanie Olson

Prohibition Restaurant

Updated: Feb 4

Denver, CO

By definition, prohibition is forbidding something by law. Thank goodness, the prohibition of amazing food isn’t a reality.

After a stressful day of driving 20 very slow miles on a bumpy dirt road, trying to get to a home in the mountains we wanted to look at, a drink here was highly anticipated. If only we’d have been able to anticipate how fantastic the meal itself would have been as well.This was hands down the most satisfying meal we can recall. I’d love to thank Guy Fieri for having visited this restaurant, I’m not sure we’d have come across it otherwise.

As we drove through construction traffic in Denver, it was looking like we wouldn’t find a spot to park our huge dually truck. We realized we may have to skip it and find something further out of town. I am so happy that we decided to pull around to the front of the restaurant to try one last time. There was definitely someone smiling down on us, we got a spot right out front.

As I usually do, I visited the website to look at the menu prior to our arrival, and I was sold on the picture of the Manhattan and the pastrami sandwich shown on their homepage. Zach ordered the short rib burger, and we both had the manhattan which they call the “Breaking Bad”. Every choice we made was splendid. Both sandwiches were delectable, perfectly satisfying. The drinks were smooth, with the perfect hint of cherry and chocolate, and just what the doctor ordered after the stressful drive. Piper especially enjoyed the thin cut french fries. There is no question we all left very happy. I can rarely finish an entire restaurant burger, but believe me, not a bite went to waste.

My rating here… Five plus stars. The servers were super friendly, the drinks were perfect, and the food was out of this world. If you need a place to get some wonderful food and a nice drink, this place is more than worth it!

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