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Our First Big Step

Updated: Feb 4

As with most everything in life, the first step is always the hardest. When we decided it was time to sell our comfortable condo in Brookfield, Wi we were far from confident that we were doing the right thing. The kids were settled in and comfortable, we had a big kitchen, a room dedicated to fires and reading books, a movie theater in the basement, and a STEAM room for a shower...we'd be crazy to give all this up!

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Our major motivation was simply the knowledge of knowing we had too much. We had rooms we never used and more things than we knew what to do with. We had never considered moving into a trailer until the first time we walked through the house and took stock in what was really important to us. We found that everything in our basement could go into storage, our bedroom was really just a place to eat and store clothes, and besides our books there was nothing on the main floor that took up that much space. We realized that we could fit everything we really cared about into a RV and we could travel all over! Not only that, but surely we would save a ton of money without a mortgage!

It took us months to settle on the right trailer for us, a Grand Design Solitude 377MBS. We figured this model was big enough for everything we'd need, it had a separate little bedroom for Piper to sleep and me to have an office, a loft for Ian, and a nice big kitchen/living space.

To learn more about selling the condo an moving into the trailer, please read the next blog post: Moving Into A 5th Wheel!

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