• Stephanie Olson

Mountain Shadows Restaurant

Updated: Feb 4

Old Colorado City, CO

We were so torn on whether to have breakfast or lunch at this restaurant. I don't think our decision to have lunch was bad, but I'd definitely love to go back to try breakfast. Everything we read in the reviews of this place were spot on. The atmosphere is so cute with all of the little signs and sayings they have on the walls. It feels very homey and comfortable, and the staff was SUPERB! One review we read said that they know the locals by name, but that as an out of towner, you feel the same. This was so completely true. Everyone was beyond friendly, and although Piper was giving us a run for our money by throwing her crayons on the floor constantly and refusing to eat anything besides french fries, they all came to talk to her and tried to get her smiling and happy again. Now, for the info you were probably waiting on... THE FOOD. It was scrumptious. Zach ordered the BBQ Bacon burger which looked absolutely perfect. In his words, it was "crunchy, tangy, and savory...the three things a burger should be." I ordered the Rocky Mountain Roast beef sandwich. I try not to simply order a burger when we visit places, and although this was close, it was everything I wanted it to be. It was loaded with grilled onions, mushrooms, bacon, and swiss cheese, and the roast beef was SO tender. The fries were done perfectly and I love that they are clearly fresh cut. Overall, I would definitely give Mountain Shadows 5 stars, and I'd even go so far as to say that because of the super friendly, cheerful staff, I'd give it 5+.

Does this make your mouth water, or what?

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