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Michigan Resort BUST!

Updated: Feb 4

We had originally planed on staying at Sandy Pines RV Resort for the entire summer. From what we saw online about it, it was the perfect place to be. Golfing, boating, and mild weather...dream come true!

Total and complete bust. Par for the course I'm afraid.

We arrived, got checked in without much hassle, and got everything arranged for our spot. Now, we are used to having some difficulty navigating our huge trailer through parks..it's the price you pay when you are as big as a semi, but this place was especially bad. The roads are only just barely wider than our trailer, people have fences right up to the road, there are rock ledges and trees overhanging all the roads. It makes the place very scenic but a nightmare to navigate through.

We spent about an hour, after our 3 hour drive, trying to navigate into our spot. Unfortunately we were not able to do it. The neighbors across the street had rock walls and vehicles blocking us from swinging into the spot and there were trees in our way...it just wasn't meant to be. We asked the front desk if they were able to help and they said they couldn't do anything about it.

We had to scramble to find another location to sleep for the night, ended up grabbing the last spot at a Sun and Fun over an hour away.

We've decided after this that we are completely done with the RV lifestyle. It just isn't worth it...not sure what's next but when we know you'll know!

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