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Looking for a new camera? Here is how you get started!

Updated: Feb 4

I only recently realized that I need an additional camera. The Sony A6400 and Canon point and shoot are just not cutting it. I've been taking time-lapses or recording video and realized that, with the A6400 locked up in that task...I've got nothing else substantial to work with. Whether you are looking for your first camera or your tenth, here are some things to think about and resources to utilize!

Thing to think about #1 - What is my use case?

Are you looking to do landscape photography? Sports Photography? Starting a VLOG? The variety of available cameras can be overwhelming and each one has things it does well and things it does not so well. Before you get sucked into a camera because it has a cool red strip or attractive curves, make sure you know what you need your camera to DO.

Thing to think about #2 - What is my budget?

This is obvious but it needs to be said. If you have $10,000 to spend, you'll get the camera you need and then some. If you have $600, you are going to need to make some sacrifices.

Resource #1 - Google

Google is a great place to start your investigation. Look up 'Best Cameras for Vlogging' or Best Cameras for Landscape photography', whatever it is that you are most interested in. People are paid to do a lot of the research you need, benefit from the time they spent.

*At this point in your research, you will have seen a wide range DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras. If you do not know the difference, please check out my post here where I cover that pros and cons of both!*

Thing to think about #3 - What equipment do you currently have?

If you are looking for your first camera, this doesn't apply to you so much. If you do already own some equipment (lenses, cameras, filters, etc), then you should strongly considering purchasing something that will integrate with what you already have.

I was strongly considering purchasing a Canon 5D as my secondary camera, I even had it in my cart, before this thought hit me. Every lens that I'd already purchased would be useless on this new Camera. Not only that but EOS-R Lenses can be extremely expensive. I wasn't looking at a $2500 investment..I was looking at an $8,000 investment when I tacked on a couple lenses. Not only this but when you live on the road, space is at a premium and carrying around 15 lenses is a huge con.

Resource #2 - CameraDecision.com

This was the single greatest tool I discovered in my search. If you've made it this far, you should at least have a couple cameras that you are interested in. Start comparing them side by side. Camera Decision reviews everything; available lenses, quality of images, types of shooting, weight, price, etc. It is an all in one tool. Feed your first two choices in for detailed comparison and when you've found the better of the 2 cameras and replace the loser with the next camera on your list.

At the end of all this, you should have found your next camera! Time to start looking for deals! Bestbuy.com tends to have reasonable deals on cameras BUT I have just recently found and fallen in love with B&H Photography. Great deals, great return policy, and an amazing staff to answer any question you may have.

Thanks for reading!

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