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Updated: Feb 4

Have I mentioned I love to host? Well this was both an honor, and and awesome experience!

Some of you know that our friend Jeremy woke up to a fire in his basement not too long ago. If you know that, you probably also know that he is an AWESOME supporter of the local music scene. One way that he supports these artists and gets their names out there is through his Sub-Urban Concert Series. Zach and I love attending the once monthly shows he hosts in his basement, however now that his home is being gutted and repaired, it's fairly unknown how long it'll be before he can host another concert. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I bet you are.... WE should host the next concert at our house.

What a great idea this was. We hosted Brett Newski who is local to the Milwaukee area, and very talented. We had nearly 40 guests in the house, and it was such a great time.

Brett played great, and even held Piper and gave Ian a private little guitar lesson. It was so great to be able to host this event. Not only were we able to help Jeremy, and to keep Brett from having to cancel the show, but we were so happy we did it for ourselves. This was a great event to be able to have at our place!

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