• Stephanie Olson

It's an Overdue Update, but I'm Official

If you Google TAP Exam, you will get a lot of different results. You might find the "Travel Agent Proficiency" Test, or the "Test of Academic Proficiency". Only one of these was one that is hopefully going to make a huge impact on my life and future.

On January 27, I was scheduled to take the exam that would showcase what I've learned in the previous 10 weeks of coursework I have been completing to begin my Travel Advisor career. The course is 16 weeks in total, but I set a goal to pass the exam early. The morning of the exam, I was extremely nervous, and decided to just log in and get it over with early. I sat at my computer, and had Zach send the link to the exam, as he was to be my proctor.

The exam is 100 questions, and timed. I have always been horrible at geography, so even though I studied those sections extra diligently, I was still very worried that the exam would weigh heavily on it, since that is such a large part of travel. After roughly 45 minutes, my exam was complete. I was a wreck while the page loaded so that I would know whether or not I had passed. I received the results, and was VERY pleasantly surprised. I not only passed the exam, but did so with a score of 96%! This was a thing to celebrate.

You may wonder exactly what this means for an aspiring Travel Advisor, since there is no "required" coursework to sell travel. I have signed on with a host agency, that will help mentor me, and assist in getting my business up and running, and they require this exam as well as other learning initiatives be completed. I couldn't wait to tell them that I had passed and could now begin really focusing on the items that would give me specializations, potential business, and even discounts.

As I said in the title, this is overdue. Not just posting to update you on my status, but to pursue something that truly makes me happy. All of my adult life has been spent doing whatever it took to make the best life I could for the kids. Now I can take a risk and do the things I really have a passion for. I hope to be able to help a lot of people take great trips, whether a local hotel weekend or the overseas trip of their dreams, I simply want to be part of making people happy! If I can help you, no matter how big or small your trip, please contact me via my site.

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