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How we fell into a month long stay in a $4 Million home

In the Bahamas, we spent time on a few islands. If you've read our "Where to Stay" post, you already know that we bounced around considerably more than we intended. Our plan was to spend one week in Nassau, and then 3 months in Rainbow Bay, Eleuthera. The resulting trip was hardly to plan.

When we booked the stay at Island Time, we were connected with our now friend, Shawne. He was the local property manager for the home. He was also our means to have items shipped from home to the islands, since we weren't quite ready to let go of all conveniences. What this meant is that our boxes were shipped to him, and then we would pick them up from one of his employees when they arrived.

Not only does Shawne manage multiple properties on the islands, but he also runs a real estate business, and a boat charter. The latter was what really helped us form a friendship with Shawne. The day we arrived to Eleuthera, we booked a charter with him to swim with the pigs, and see the sea turtles. We had a really great day out on the water, and even had lunch with Shawne and one of his friends who also spent the day on the boat with us. We began talking to him a little more, as we were struggling with internet, and trying to navigate exactly how things happen on the island.

The big day for us came on January 13. We had been in the unit we rented in Governors Harbour for 2 days, and were settling in as well as we could. The place worked just fine, but was also a little more cramped than we thought it'd be, and the time we would have visitors was quickly approaching. Luckily, we knew we could spend a lot of time in the pool and out on the patio, so we'd be ok. Our last boxes arrived to Harbour Island, and we were in a great hurry for them, so we offered to come and pick them up rather than waiting until they were brought to Eleuthera. When we got to the island, Shawne met us at the Marina, and offered to drive us and the boxes back to the ferry. This is when the idea hit him that he had a property he was managing that hadn't had renters for a while. We couldn't bear the thought of moving again, but figured we'd just go check it out and politely decline. When we got to Coral Cay, we knew there was no way we could decline... It was BEAUTIFUL. During high season, in a non-Covid world, the house usually rents for $1200 a night, which was WAY out of our budget, however, Shawne worked out a deal with the owners that we could afford, and we were immediately off to get our current rental packed up yet again.

So, this is the typical story of it's not what you know, it's who you know. We thought we did so much research and found the perfect place, but we didn't know enough about the islands. It is safe to say that without Shawne, we likely would not have enjoyed the Bahamas nearly as much as we did!

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