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Homeless By Choice

Updated: Feb 4

Nomad: a member of a people having no permanent abode, and who travel from place to place

A lot has changed since our last update. After some smooth traveling was followed with more hiccups, we called the RV life quits.

We couldn’t wait to get to our summer destination. We were heading to Michigan where we’d park the fifth wheel and have a great summer enjoying activities, sunshine, and the relief of not having to move anywhere until fall. Well, we definitely should have known that’d be too good to be true. When we arrived at the resort, there were golf carts whizzing around everywhere, lots of teenagers blaring loud music, and the roads were tiny and narrow, as though built only for said golf carts. We tried to make the best of it and headed to our spot. This was the nightmare of all nightmares. Not only was the street way too narrow for us, but that also meant we couldn’t swing around enough to get the RV backed into our assigned space. Even worse was getting off that road and back out of the park. The stressful time spent from checking in to realizing this wouldn’t work and getting the RV off of this tiny road was about 3 hours, but it felt more like 10. We went and immediately told the security office that there would be no way we could fit into the area they sold us, and that we’d discuss this with the office in the morning There was no way we were going to be staying here for the next 4 months. We immediately left the park and we got lucky enough to find one overnight spot at an RV campground about an hour away. We went straight there, and spent the evening discussing what our options were. We just couldn’t imagine the continued stress making this life worthwhile.

Fast forward to now, and we’ve made some exciting changes. We took the RV to a dealership to be consigned, and we were lucky enough to sell the truck the first week it was listed. We decided we’d live even more minimally than we had been in the RV. In an effort to travel efficiently, we purchased an electric car. This would be all the space we’d have to carry everything we needed with us for the next year or so until we settle in to a home. The thought of making this work was a little stressful to me at first, but then I thought about what living this way will mean we get to experience. We aren’t limited by where we can fit, what type of steep or narrow roads we have to drive on, and although we are working all the while, it makes everything seem more like a vacation.  When I sat and thought about how much traveling we’ve done together in the last three years, (20 states and 5 countries) it made me realize that this would be just right for us.

We plan to stay for about a month in each location. This will give us the opportunity to get a real feel for what living in each area is like. We arrived in Vermont yesterday, and although we had hope we’d be able to take Piper to Canada for her second birthday, we are happy to be here. This weekend we will begin to explore more of the area, and can’t wait to share our findings with you!

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