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Food Lowdown on Harbour Island

If you only read one post regarding our trip to the Bahamas...make it this one. Sure our mishaps and adventures and beach days are exciting, but nothing compares to us telling you where to eat and why. It's human nature to eat where another person tells you to eat because that way if it's terrible...at least you have someone to blame.

Anyway, without further ado, here is where YOU should eat when on Harbour Island.

TeeJay's Beach Rentals

An unassuming and lonely option right off the main public path to the Pink Sands Beach, Teejay's makes the list not because of lack of other viable options, but because it is a killer bang for your buck. TeeJay herself is a delightful person to talk to

For about $12, we got two delicious footlong beefy dogs and a bag of chips to smash our hunger to oblivion. The drinks will run you a little more BUT alcohol is expensive on the islands so whatareyagunnado.

Queen Conch

Conch Salad is as Bahamian as it gets and Queen Conch is the best place to get it. Freshly caught conch, lemon/lime juice, tomatoes, apples, peppers and A VERY SMALL PORTION OF HOT SAUCE combine in an explosion of sweet and savoury flavours for which there is no equal. You'll see a lot of signs and hear a lot of talk about other Conch Salad providers but you will not trust any of them, because there is only one Queen of Conch.

The Landing

The Landing is the real deal. Favorite of celebrities and tourists alike. This place is one of the very very few eaters in all the world where each bite is punctuated by an "oh my god...."

The service here is unparalleled on the island. Every employee we happened across was behind sweet and did everything in their power to make sure we were comfortable and satisfied. That may have been because my daughter was being irresistibly cute BUT I have a feeling that these women are always this kind.

There is a full bar and a substantial wine list. The house cocktails are perfectly mixed and, while on the pricer side, are crafted to satisfy any craving.

The food is, in a word, estupendo! They are not shy on the portions and the amount of flavour they can fit on a plate rivals that of vastly more expensive competitors. The Goat Cheese Ravoli was particularly good, astonishingly good even. I never ever order a pasta dish from any restaurant but ordered this as an appetiser and almost lost my damn mind. I would fly back to Harbour Island just for this app.

*Dishonourable Mentions*

Before I proceed with the last places on my list, let us take a break for our one and only dishonourable mention! Valentine's Resort and Marina. While Valentine's hosts some of the best views (as far as restaurants are concerned) their rude and untimely service, over (and under) cooked food, small overly iced drinks, and extremely high prices, all combine to make this a place you will regret visiting. Don't settle for Valentine's, there is great food right down the street!

Okay, back to the GOOD stuff!

Da Vine

We have very limited experience with Da Vine. We did not break into the huge collection of wine and unfortunately only dined here once. However, our meal of edamame, braised pork, and sushi was one of the most delicious we'd had in The Bahamas. Had we not discovered The Landing shortly after I am certain that Da Vine would have been a serious problem to my budget (not that The Landing wasn't....). The plates were beautiful, the service was prompt and professional, the cocktails were beautiful and refreshing, and the food was damn good. This place is more than worth a visit.

Our House

We didn't snap a whole lot of photos of our food but, as you can see below, wherever we are is at LEAST a...2 star restaurant. Grilled Pineapple and homemade KFC bowls...you see anybody else doing this stuff???

No you do not.

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