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Eleuthera - Come to play, not work!

Updated: Feb 4

Stephanie and I have been traveling full time for around two years now and the mistakes we make in planning continue to astound me. Deciding to work from the Bahamas for winter was an impulse decision, fueled by our mutual love for not being cold. Our mistake was simple, the Bahamas are not for work...they are for play.

My job requires me to have good, stable internet access. Not here and there, but every single day. For this reason alone, the Bahamas are not a good choice for the digital nomad. Much of the internet out here, especially residential plans, are satellite. Satellite internet is garbage. It is slow and on a cloudy day you are bound to get repeated disconnects. On top of the slow speeds, Eleuthera's man service provider (BTC) has a data cap! We only discovered this when at 2pm on a Saturday the internet went down and never came back up. We called BTC support but their phones weren't working. We called the home caretaker who was able to reach out to BTC on our behalf and then informed us we'd used up our data for the month. That was an unpleasant surprise. All of this on an island that is also plagued by power outages a few times a week.

The issue with being tied to the internet is the same we had with the trailer. When your needs as a traveler as so specific, you are extremely limited as to where you can stay. In the trailer, it was our size and the fact we were a trailer and not a Class A. Right off the bat, we were extremely limited in where we could stay. Now, it's the internet. Every house we rent we need to go through extreme vetting to make sure we have 20mbps service or above or we just can't stay there. It's exhausting.

The beauty of the Bahamas is undeniable. If you have the ability to untether yourself from the internet you can have some truly wonderful experiences here with some truly kind people. If you, like me, need the internet to earn a living than you may be in for some serious stress.

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