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Dolphins and Turtles and Fish, Oh My!

Updated: Feb 4

We said adventure is what we are after, right? Well, we’ve just become slightly more adventurous. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out our first video on our travel to Alaska. Initially we planned on spending a month or so in each state on the way out to Seattle. From there, we’d head North to Alaska, planning to arrive there in late Spring. That has all changed, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Instead of spending the winter in frigid snowy places like North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, we are going to do the exact opposite… HIT THE BEACH!

The details we know so far are as follows; We will leave the day after Christmas to spend 3 wonderful months in the Bahamas. The trip will begin with a week in Nassau, doing some necessary shopping, and of course some sight seeing and taking a few tours. Then, on New Years Day, we will take a hopper flight over to Eleuthera where we will stay until the end of March. I have to admit, celebrating New Years, Our Anniversary, and both Zach and my birthdays in a location like this is pretty much a dream come true! There are lots of New Year's festivities, that we will share information about in the next post.

Planning for this much time in a place that will be very different from what we are used to is not only a little nerve racking, but also really exciting. We will need to properly plan out exactly what will be important for us to have with us for this extended stay. Grocery shopping, and getting our normal items to us is not going to be as convenient as we are used to and shipping items to us will be pretty pricey, so we’ve got to be really prepared. This is not only a great trip planning experience for our family, but will also be a great bit of experience when it comes to my travel counselor career. I am excited to use what we learn to help plan for others!

As of now, we’ve got our flight to Nassau and our stays on each of the two islands booked. Other than that, we’ve got some choices to make, planning to do, and preparations to think about to get our details lined up. We hope you will follow our planning and provide any recommendations, information, or opinions you may have for us. Some of our first considerations are:

How and when will the kids come out to see us?

Do we rent a car while in Nassau or use Taxi services?

Which tours are we most interested in?

What items will we need to ship out ahead of our arrival?

What activities do we want to keep us busy, this is a living situation, not just an extended vacation?

Please follow our weekly updates planning for this new journey, we hope to share findings that will be beneficial to anyone looking to plan a trip to the Bahamas.

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