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Dark Lord 2017!

Updated: Feb 4

To set the stage, I was not excited to go. I do not like large crowds. I suffer from pretty bad anxiety attacks and a large festival with no place I can go to be along to calm down did not sound good. I did this festival for one reason, I love my friend Auggie (everybody does).

I had the most fun I've had in years.

Dark Lord Days is a 3 day music/beer appreciation festival unlike anything I've ever experienced before. It all starts with the line...

Thousands of beer lovers line up early in the morning line to make new friends, share new beers, eat snacks, and wait for the gates to open. You may have noticed there are a lot of backpacks in this photos...and you're right there are. Beer my friends, a little bit of water but for the most part, beer.

As you move up the line you'll find it hard to ignore the hundreds of already empty bottles that line the fence on your way to security. Bottles of beer you've never heard of, beer from all over the world, some of the rarest beers you've ever seen lining the street like bottles of Bud Light outside a college bar.

After you pass through security and receive your wrist band you are admitted into the courtyard. Here you socialize, visit the tents to get some breakfast, and continue sharing beers with your peers.

When the gates from the courtyard open into 3 Floyd's things hit a whole new level. Beer infused foods of all sorts, tastings spread out all across the facility, and OF COURSE...the beer tent. In the line and in the courtyard, people will stumble by offering you pours of whatever they've got opened about every 3 minutes. When you enter the massive beer tent outside of the brew house you have beers shoved at you nonstop every 2 seconds. You are constantly slamming 3-4 oz pours of ~8%-20% beers over and over and over again with barely a chance to hear what the last beer was. You're making friends, slapping five, eating waffles, and pork, and burgers, and ice cream, and whatever else you can find. You're socializing with people from all over the country and in many cases the world.

After a couple hours of this, the first of the bands take stage (bands like Pig Slaughter, Satan Spawn, Baby Road Kill, etc). The music isn't something I bump on my morning runs but in this environment it just works.

Sometime during all of this excellence, it'll be time for your to join the others from your group in the line that'll take you through the warehouse to receive your allotment of Dark Lord beer. Beers you can only get here, unless you find someone that has been that is willing to trade.

I honestly don't know what else to say. Dark Lord in a great time...but it takes a harsh toll. Auggie and I barely made it passed 2pm before we tapped out.

Maybe next year we will learn to pace ourselves.

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