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Cons of Owning a 41' 5th Wheel

Updated: Feb 4

Resorts – Class A vs 5th wheel

When it comes time to relax there are few things that compare with taking your home to a luxury resort for a week or two. All the conveniences of your home, all the luxuries of a resort.

If you do a quick search of the top RV resorts in the country, you will see some spectacular offerings. Golf Courses, Vineyards, Spas, endless pools and hot tubs, and spots so unbelievably spacious you may forget you have neighbors.

You will also find that almost all of the top RV resorts require you to own a Class A. So, for all the potential benefits of owning a 5th Wheel, this is a pretty major setback.

State/National Parks

What sold me on this lifestyle was the potential for living off the grid. Getting some peace and quiet in hard to reach places in the beauty of some of this countries state and national parks.  Steph and I cannot claim to be experts on parks in their entirety, there are just too many, but our experiences have almost all been bad.

We love trees. The more wooded an area is the better. However, when truck+trailer are over 50 feet long you will find that not a lot of park roads are not passable without some serious risk. Take a wrong turn or discover a turn that is too tight (or a branch too low, or a road closed, or meeting another trailer leaving, etc.) and you could be spending the next 30 minutes backing out of the road you just struggled to drive down.

If you end up reaching your spot without any issues a wrongly placed tree will determine if you are going to be relaxing on your couch in 10 minutes or looking for a new place to stay.

What’s the lesson here? Buy the smallest possible trailer you can.

Too Much Junk

We moved from a 3000 square foot home to a 300 sq foot trailer. It seemed like we couldn’t go any smaller. We’ve realized that even this trailer is too large. We packed it full of all our most favorite things, but that almost means we brought with us too many distractions. Too many evenings have been spent watching movies or playing video games, simply because we had the room to bring them.

This has also lead to many weight concerns. This is not specific to a 41′ foot trailer, weight is an issue with every trailer. However, when you have this much space to put stuff, it is difficult to not bring more than you need.

Power Concerns

Bigger trailers require more power. Ours will function with a 30-amp connection but most outlets will not receive power and the A/Cs will not work. Needing 50-amp will severely limit the places you can stay. Not only that, it will severely limit where at those locations you can stay. Many parks/resorts that offer 50-amp spots don’t offer them in every spot.

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