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Back to Dark Lord!

Updated: Feb 4

Last year, we were foolish. We underestimated Dark Lord and we underestimated our body's ability to process a large amount of beer. This year we are smarter, we are pros, we brought backup. My brother-in-law Tony!

For those of you that haven't read my post from last year, Dark Lord is an unbelievable, remarkable, happy-centric gathering of beer lovers from all over the world.

Now last year Auggie and I got super drunk and passed out at 2pm in our crazy hot seedy motel room without a working A/C until the next day at about 7am..it was rough. This year we were determined to pace ourselves. We ate more food, we drank a TON more water, we said no thank you occasionally to the friendly souls offering us beer...and we had even MORE fun than last year.

We shared great beers, made a ton of new friends, TONY GOT A MARSHMELLOW HANDJEE, and we had an infinite amount of cheddar biscuits for dinner.

This festival gets better every year!

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