• Stephanie Olson

An Exciting Change

Updated: Feb 4

I am excited to announce that I received all of my materials today that will allow me to study for and become a travel agent!

I have not gone back to work since Piper was born, and I've been tossing around ideas for what I may have interest in doing, and what might allow me the opportunity to work while we travel. I was initially leaning toward becoming a real estate agent, but that would require that I be in a locale permanently, which isn't the case for a while. Becoming a travel agent is perfect for me (and us) in so many ways.

This career choice will allow me to work 100% remotely. It also utilizes one of my greatest strengths, and something I really enjoy; planning and organizing. The added benefit will be that I can use our travel experiences to help my clients, as well as use the trips I have the chance to take through the agency to give us additional places to travel.

All in all, this is very exciting for me. For the first time in quite a while, I am going to be doing something I really love versus just what needs to be done to pay the bills. Having a chance to really choose what my career path will be is something I gave up at a young age, so doing a thing for me that will also be a financial benefit for the family makes me very happy. I hope you will consider my services in the future when you want to plan a trip, be it solo travel, a family trip to Disney, or whatever adventure you are craving.

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