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Alaska Planning... Part 2

Updated: Feb 4

Heading to Alaska next year is something we are still looking very much forward to, however things have changed a little in terms of our timing what will be done in the time between being home for the holidays and arriving in Juneau. The biggest change is that we will no longer spend January to June slowly going West across the Northern part of the country. You probably saw that we will be spending the first part of the year in the Bahamas. This means that the planning we were doing to get us to Alaska and to prepare us for the first part of that stay has been refocused a little to prepare us for the time in the Bahamas, so stay tuned for some information there as well.

What we do know is that we want to time our arrival to Juneau, Alaska to coincide with decent weather. As you can see below, June is a great time to arrive.

We also know that we need to be in Milwaukee in mid-June for a family wedding, so we want to fly home from a reasonable location so that we don’t have the kids on too long a flight. We are thinking Seattle or Portland might be a good start.

The last thing we know is that we want to be in Fairbanks near the end of August. July and August have the highest temperatures, but also that’s their busiest time. That means more people and higher rates. This will also ensure our highest probability of seeing the Northern Lights while not being there in the dead cold. Another thing to consider is that Fairbanks feels the effects of the 22-24 hour days of either full daylight or full darkness. On average their long days are about 22 hours, and this begins to wane in late July. We want to be sure we are there before we are dealing with darkness for the majority of the day. As you can see the hours of daylight in later August are almost equivalent to the summer daylight hours we are used to in the US.

Stay tuned for my next post. I wanted to get an update out regarding the progress we’ve made, but I know there wasn’t a ton of helpful information here for you. Next week’s post will include more helpful information on each of the areas we plan to visit.

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon!

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