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Alaska Planning... Part 1

Updated: Feb 4

Planning a 3 month long (or more) trip is never easy. Now factor in traveling through another country to get there and Covid-19, and you've got a legitimate mess on your hands. I am currently working on phase 1 of the plans for our trip to Alaska. This trip is going to be broken down into a more small sections than I would normally use due to the complexity we are dealing with.

As the video describes, there are a lot of things to consider even when only planning for the drive from entry to the Canada border to the exit at Watson Lake. Below you will find links to the resources we used to determine which rules we needed to follow, how to get exceptions, and who to reach out to regarding your trip.

This page has a great deal of information regarding entering Canada and the regulations while there during the Covid Pandemic.

Here is the site to view the ferry locations as well as find pricing (based on the length of your time on the ferry) and schedules and ticketing.

I especially liked the wealth of information on this page from what to expect on the drive, and how to make the trip with kids, and even firearm laws.

Here are a couple of my favorite travel guides that have tons of great information about the drive to Alaska:

Moon Alaska

Guide to the Alaska Highway

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