• Alli Dwyer

A Weekend Getaway

After my last day at my job I was looking for something fun to do. I talked to my friend Jenna and we decided that I would go and visit her for the weekend. This trip was very last minute and not at all thought through. In any case, I left work my last day on Friday and drove all the way to Minnesota to go visit her. With this being a last minute trip she was not able to get off of work so I knew she was going to have to go to work each morning, but I had visited her in the past and we made it work then as well. The next morning we woke up and I drove Jenna to work and went back to her place to get some work done while she was gone. After a few hours I left again to go pick her up and we had a few plans for the day. Jenna, one of her roommates and I went to a thrift store to drop off some clothes, went to target to get some groceries and then picked up some take out on the way home. We spent the night at home listening to music, catching up, and playing games. We stayed up quite late and when we had to wake up early the next morning we definitely regretted not getting a full night sleep. We started our walk to my car to take Jenna to work and realized that it snowed..... a lot. We spent a solid fifteen minutes just trying to get out of the street I was parked on and got Jenna to work with a minute to spare. This is where things went downhill.

I started my slippery trek home and stopped for gas knowing I didn't want to chance getting stuck out in the snow. I finally made it to her neighborhood and parked a few blocks away to ensure I didn't get stuck on the unplowed street again walked up to her apartment and froze when I realized I never got her key. I walked back to my car and tried to think of what to do. Jenna works at the airport so I couldn't just go back and get her keys because she works on the other side of security. I didn't have any of her roommates numbers and had nothing but my phone on me. I sent Jenna a message and hoped she would see it sooner rather than later. It turned out to be later and in the meantime I played some games on my phone, made some tiktoks, walked to Walgreens to get a car charger, and waited until Jenna finally responded about 4 hours later. She gave me her roommates number and after five hours her room mate woke up and finally let me in with just enough time to shower and leave again because Jenna was done with work. She apologized more times than I can count and I just laughed at how on brand this was for our friendship. We spent the night at home again laughing on how unfortunate my day had turned out and got takeout for dinner again.

The next day I had to leave after lunch and I made my way home. Although I have visited Jenna a few times since she has been in Minnesota this will probably a trip that I will always think back and laugh on.

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