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3..2..1..Happy New Years

2020 was a long and painful year for most of us, one that I was happy and relieved to see come to an end. With COVID and selling the trailer, a lot of our plans changed and it honestly felt, looking back on it all, that we didn't have the opportunity to do much of anything. When we look back on the year we realized just how much traveling we were still able to do and how fortunate we were to be able to do it.

Now, with all that being said, I've never been much for celebrating NYE (Outside of it being my mom's birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!). For one reason or another a celebration party just never happened for me. Even this year, I didn't plan on celebrating the New Years.

During our amazing cigar rolling and rum drinking lesson we told Paulo we were really excited to try some dinner at GrayCliff Restaurant...which we'd heard was the best of the best in The Bahamas. He took us for a walk to reservations and we got all set up for Thursday at 6pm, at this point I still didn't know that was New Years Eve.

The day of was excruciatingly slow. The girls took a few hours getting ready but I was good to walk out the door at 3. I enjoy food very much but I do not enjoy waiting to eat food.

At 5:45 we were out the door 10 minutes later we were walking through the front doors of Graycliff. We were seated in the lounge as our terrible was prepared (a classy move even if the table is already set) and drinks were ordered. A few moments later we were shown to our table and greeted by the men who would be taking care of our table that night. I do not know what to call them to be honest. They were not waiters and to call them that would sound insulting. I will call them facilitators. They took care of our every need, from placing drink orders to teaching me how to eat a foreign dish in the correct manner. It's a level of service you don't ever expect to receive.

I won't deep dive into the menu, save to say that it was spectacular and narrowing down the options to a single plate was a painful process, but the ambience here was everything. I don't know that I've ever felt so important in my life. Paulo came to visit our table multiple times and saw to it that we were having a beautiful experience, the food arrived quickly and perfectly done, and we were never shy of a drink.

We rounded out the evening by taking our desserts ( A cherry jubilee and a soufflé) in the lounge so that we could smoke a cigar with them. The facilitators brought extra ice cream for the children, a simple move but one that kept them happy as can be. The cigars were hand-rolled and brought to our table and could not have been more perfectly prepared. The Beatles loving-lounge singers LOVED my daughter and sang a duo of twinkle twinkle little star to help keep her happy. Paulo made frequent stops and shared some never before seen rums and great conversation.

I want to convey nothing but the utmost gratitude to the staff at Graycliff. They made NYE 2021 one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

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