When we are all together, we are a family of 5 but we often describe ourselves as 3 and two halves. Members one and two are Zach and Stephanie, who run the show (or so they like to think). Then we have our 20 year old, Allison. Next is 8 year old Ian, who rounds out the two halves. Last but not least is Piper, our now two year old.

Our family is less than conventional, but we make it work, and have great experiences to show for it. We really enjoy being lifestyle bloggers so we can document our experiences and share them with you.



I have a very hard time staying still. Even if I'm somewhere that I want to be, after a couple weeks I want to be somewhere else. I am very fortunate to work 100% remote so traveling is relatively easy for us to do. I love to discuss new trip ideas or challenges with Steph and working to find ways to make them happen. Over the next few years, I'm hoping to find ways to work less, play more guitar, learn more languages, spend more time cooking, and exploring the world with my family. 


I was born, raised, and lived within 15 miles of my place of birth my entire life. I spent nearly ten years as a teacher, and then switched careers, becoming an executive administrative assistant. Both of these stepping stones were instrumental in teaching me patience and organization and  they sure come in  handy when planning and executing our adventures. I've spent almost all of my adult life focused on raising the kids, so this is a great way to do some things I've has always wanted, while still spending time with the kids and exposing them to as much culture and history (and fun) as possible.



Hi! I'm Ian. I am 8 years old. The place I'd most like to visit is Washington D.C. so that I can see the White House. I enjoy taking road trips so that I can eat snacks in the car. If I had the chance to be traveling everyday, I'd definitely do that. My favorite part of traveling so far has been collecting shells at all the beaches we go to!


Hi, I'm Allison. I'm a full-time college student and cheerleader, a cheer coach, and a manager at Chick-Fil-A. With all of these commitments, it’s difficult for me to be part of all of the adventures my mom and Zach take, but I love to be along for the ride any chance I get.  I also love photography, which comes in handy for the blog. Some of my travel goals are to see Greece, Australia, and to visit a pink sand beach. I've been able to visit some great places but can't wait to see more of the world.



This little girl has had quite a life so far! She was only 2 weeks old when she took her first trip to Northern Wisconsin. At six weeks old, she took a family road trip down to Georgia, with multiple other trips scattered between, she then spent her first birthday in Prague which was preceded by Ireland and followed by Poland. We are determined to make sure Piper shares our love of travel and adventuring. She's a fun loving girl who has adapted very well to having a different home each month.