Our Mission

We believe that life should be more fun. We believe that  one of the biggest problems in our society is the idea that you have to work 40-60 hours a week most of your life and hopefully be healthy and wealthy enough to enjoy what's left when you are done.

Three years ago, we thought we were doing everything right. We owed the bank a lot of money for a nice big condo in Brookfield, Wisconsin, a fair chunk of change for a Jeep, and we had good jobs.  Pretty much right on par for what we were always taught.


It wasn't until we watched Minimalism, a Documentary About the Important Things on Netflix that we began to re-evaluate our lives.  Why do we keep buying things that don't make us happy, that require us to work and work and work to keep paying for? Why don't we ever have time to do the things we really want to do? Why aren't we waking up excited to start our day? 

We decided that something had to change. We donated the things we had too many of, threw away the things that nobody needs, stored the things that were sentimental, and packed the things we couldn't live without.


It was time to start a new life.

Our blog is about our mission to enjoy life. To change our priorities so that the things that matter get the attention they deserve. To see a world that is so diverse and amazing that we could never hope to discover all its secrets in 20 lifetimes. 

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